Napoleon-Gamesday in Ulm 23.11.2012 to 25.11.2012    


With gaming-systems like Lasalle, Napoleon at War, General de Brigade, Black Powder, WAB and others the Napoleonic wars are ranked among the all time favorite gaming-themes for many wargamers.

A good reason to celebrate this important part of our beautiful hobby with its very own event:

The Napoleon-Gamesday 23.11.2012 to 25.11.2012

We meet at our usual gaming facilities, the "Ruhetal" in Ulm, to play historical scenarios or generic battles of the Napoleonic age. Allowed are all figure scales and rule systems - as long as their related to the Napoleonic wars. Everyone who neither owns figures nor knows any rules is still very wellcome - there will be many possibilities to simply join in or participate in demonstration-games with umpires who are happy to include all interested.


And since gaming is only a part of this hobby, history will claim its part as well: Guided by the competent book-author Thomas Schuler we will at the end of the weekend (25.11.2012 by 15.00 clock) visit the battlefield of Elchingen. There we will get a good impression of the tide of events of the day that has imprinted the name of "Ulm" in gilded letters onto so many French regimental colors and has caused the vain Corsican to mention this battle as one of his greatest and most important victories.







And that's the weekend in detail:

Friday 23.11.:

* individual arrival, rooms open for gaming from 18.00 clock to 23.00 clock

Saturday 24.11.:

* Opening 08.30 clock, scenarios, demonstration-games and generic battles until 23.00 clock

* Around midday Lunch at a local greek restaurant or brought by pizza service

Sunday 25.11.:

* Opening 08.30 Uhr, scenarios, demonstration-games and generic battles

* Around midday Lunch at a local greek restaurant or brought by pizza service

* By 14.00 o'clock packing-up and travel by carpool to the battlefield of Elchingen

* 15.00 clock to 17.00 clock guided tour on the battlefield (price 8 Euros to be paid a the site)

During all days we will offer a table for Bring & Buy, so please bring everything hobby-related that you want to get rid of or swap for something more interesting.






For registration please use the mailaddress ' info[at]' (to avoid spam we did leave out the @, please put it in where the brackets are).

The fee is 10 Euros as a contribution to room-rent. Should we be enough people to cover all fees we will sponsor the guided tour on the battlefield.

When you register please indicate which armies (including scale) you have and which rule-system you would like to game. We also will put on Lasalle and possibly FOG Napoleonic demonstration-games, so everyone will get enough chances to roll some dice and move some lead. If you would like to organize a demonstraion game yourself you are very wellcome to do so - please drop us a note on what you wnat to do and how much space you need.

Accomodation: There is a Youth Hostel as well as several hotels ind the vicinity: IBIS Hotel or Hotel Lehrertal are very close. A little further but very recommended is the Gasthof zum Ritter. Also convenient and low priced is the ETAP-Hotel.

We are looking forward to see you!